Prof. Dr. Paul Van Liedekerke

principal investigator

Ghent university
Faculty of Bioscience Engineering
Department of Data analysis and mathematical modelling
Coupure Links 653
9000 Gent

+32 (0)9 264.59.32

Prof. dr. Paul Van Liedekerke is assistent professor at Ghent University. He holds a MSC in physics (University of Ghent), a PhD in bio-engineering (KULeuven) and a Habilitation from Sorbonne University, Paris.

Paul has worked at KULeuven (2001-2011) where has developed Discrete Element Methods to simulate granular flows in machinery, as well as Computation Fluids dynamics methods to simulate complex fluids.  From 2012 to 2022 he worked at INRIA de Paris as expert engineer where he created models and software to predict cellular growth (in vitro and in-vivo)  and living tissue development. During these years he collaborated with industrial partners on several occasions.

His interests and expertise lie in developing numerical models and new conceptual ideas such as hybrid modelling and digital twins, and applying those techniques in industry and medicine.  In a nutshell: simulations of granular flow and powders, simulations of cell growth and living tissues, simulations of bioreactors: cell yield and biologics, and software development.

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