Prof. Dr. Ingmar Nopens


Ghent University
Faculty of Bioscience engineering
Department of Data Analysis and Mathematical Modelling
Campus Coupure
Coupure Links 653
B-9000 Gent, Belgium

+32 9 264 59 39

Prof. Ingmar Nopens holds a MSc in Bio-science Engineering and a PhD in Applied Biological Sciences from Ghent University. He is full professor leading the BIOMATH research group at Ghent University. His main interest lies in Mathematical modeling using different frameworks like biokinetics, computational fluid dynamics and population balance models and combinations thereof. The aim is to develop highly predictive models that can serve as digital twins. Application areas are resource recovery (drinking, process and wastewater) and pharmaceutical engineering. He is co-founder of 2 startups in the water digitalization area: and He is an IWA fellow since 2011, the outgoing chair of the Specialist Group: Modelling and Integrated Assessment (MIA) and member of the steering committee of the IWA Digital Water Programme.

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