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Aftermovie CESPE Conference 2023

On Thursday September 21st 2023 we held another succesful event on the Challenges & Solutions for transitioning to sustainable (bio)pharmaceutical manufacturing.

More than 120 attendees coming from over 40 different companies joined us and the amazing line-up of speakers. A full day of open discussions about sustainability and staying ahead of what’s next!

Experience the atmosphere at our conference in this aftermovie!

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Picture Gallery

Conference 2023


Conference opening + Introductions

09h00 – 09h30

Registration & Welcome

Networking breakfast
Poster exhibition + booths

09h30 – 09h40

Conference opening

Sofie Bracke, Deputy Mayor of Ghent, responsible for Economy, Port and Sports

09h40 – 10h00

Introduction to CESPE & Update building

Prof. Thomas De Beer, CESPE Director
Dr. Christoph Portier, CESPE General Manager

Perspective from the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical Industry

– Goals – State-of-the-art – Bottlenecks –

Delegates from the big pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies will highlight their company’s perspective on the current goals, state-of-the-art and bottlenecks related to their big investments in the transition towards sustainable manufacturing.

10h00 – 10h20

Environmental sustainability in the Small Molecules Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient’s
synthesis: from global policy into action.

Bert Heirman, Program Manager Strategic Sustainability Initiatives – Small Molecules, Janssen Pharmaceutica Geel
Bie Lambert, Head of Operations for Janssen Pharmaceutica Geel, Janssen Pharmaceutica Geel

10h20 – 10h40

Journey to a net-zero plasma derived manufacturing facility

Simon Gilleman, Sustainability Manager, Takeda

10h40 – 11h00

Coffee break

Poster exhibition + booths

11h00 – 11h20

(Preliminary) Sustainability in the Biomanufacturing Industry:
Global ambitions – Role of the big pharma – No-brainers – Struggles

David Vertongen, Sr. Technical Design Lead, Pfizer

11h20 – 11h40

Sustainability during Drug Product Manufacturing Development.

Jan-Sebastiaan Uyttersprot, PAT Principal Scientist, UCB Pharma

Contributions from Academic & Industrial stakeholders

– Chemical manufacturing – Biotech manufacturing – Drug Product Manufacturing –

Three consecutive sessions will be held where both academic and industrial stakeholders will showcase how their innovative approaches could play a crucial role in the sustainability advancements in different areas within pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

Session 1 – Chemical manufacturing

11h40 – 11h55

Digital technologies reducing the footprint in Pharma, examples from the Industry

Dirk Wollaert, Manager Business Development Pharma USA, Siemens Digital Industries

11h55 – 12h10

Transitioning to a more sustainable API development

Prof. Chris Stevens, Principal Investigator, CESPE

12h10 – 12h25

Towards a better process understanding and intensification by modeling

Prof. Joris Thybaut, Principal Investigator, CESPE

12h25 – 13h55

Networking lunch

Poster exhibition + booths

Session 2 – Biotech manufacturing

13h55 – 14h10

How Sustainability Meets Efficiency in Freeze-Drying

Mathieu Massart, Engineering Manager, RheaVita

14h10 – 14h25

Data, Artificial Intelligence & Analytics for Sustainable (Bio)Pharmaceutical Manufacturing.

Noah Nzuki, ESG Lead EMEA, Cognizant

14h25 – 14h40

Pharmaceutical Freeze-Drying: Innovations for a Smaller Ecological Footprint

Carolin Reinke, Senior Innovation Manager Pharma & Healthcare, GEA

Session 3 – Drug Product manufacturing

14h40 – 14h55

SUSTAIN: SUstainability STrAtegy ImplementatioN, from ESG to the working plant

Christian Post, Senior Process Engineer, VTU

14h55 – 15h10

Use of microfluidics to revolutionize the production of pharmaceuticals

Tim Dieryckx, CEO, Voxdale

15h10 – 15h25

The triple bottom line in healthcare: A holistic sustainability assessment for decision support

Prof. Delphine De Smedt, Principal Investigator, CESPE

15h25 – 15h45

Coffee break

Poster exhibition + booths

Staying ahead of what’s next

– Roundtable discussion – Innovation Café –

15h45 – 16h30

Roundtable discussion

Representatives from different key stakeholders groups will have an open discussion about the current challenges and innovations facilitating the transition towards sustainable pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing.
Get inspired by the insights of these key opinion leaders from industry, academia and policy makers.


Tineke Van Hooland, Founder and CEO, Epic 10


Talia Flanagan, Head of Product Design and Performance, UCB Pharma
David Vertongen, Sr. Technical Design Lead, Pfizer
Simon Gilleman, Sustainability Manager, Takeda
Noah Nzuki, ESG Lead EMEA, Cognizant
Delphine De Smedt, Principal Investigator, CESPE
Isabelle Francois, Director Innovation, MEDVIA

16h30 – 17h20

Innovation Café

The talented people within CESPE will have the chance to pitch their innovative research to a broader audience.
Don’t miss this sneak-peek in the ongoing research within the different CESPE groups and member companies!

Take a look at the submitted abstracts for the Innovation Café.


17h20 – 17h30

Closing word

Prof. Dieter Deforce, Principal Investigator, CESPE

Networking Reception & Dinner

17h30 – …

Poster exhibition + booths

Conference 2023 Past events

CESPE Conference 2023

Challenges & Solutions for transitioning to sustainable (bio)pharmaceutical manufacturing

CESPE is pleased to announce the second edition of the annual CESPE Conference on Thursday September 21, 2023.

Through insights from different stakeholders, this event aims to address and tackle the current challenges related to the transition into a more sustainable (bio)pharmaceutical industry.

  • What are the goals for the industry and which initiatives are being taken by the (bio)pharmaceutical companies?
  • Where are the current bottlenecks limiting innovation and how can we solve them?
  • Which tools are required to achieve ambitious goals?
  • What is the role of both academic and industrial partners?

The physical event in Ghent will provide you with many opportunities to network with our academic members, industrial partners and policy makers. Therefore, it is perfectly suited for senior scientists, industrial decision makers and policy makers active within the ecosystem.

Check out the program below and stay tuned for further details!

For further information on booths and sponsorships, feel free to contact Christoph Portier ( or Bram Bekaert (