Conference 2023 Past events

Aftermovie CESPE Conference 2023

On Thursday September 21st 2023 we held another succesful event on the Challenges & Solutions for transitioning to sustainable (bio)pharmaceutical manufacturing.

More than 120 attendees coming from over 40 different companies joined us and the amazing line-up of speakers. A full day of open discussions about sustainability and staying ahead of what’s next!

Experience the atmosphere at our conference in this aftermovie!

Conference 2023 Past events

CESPE Conference 2023

Challenges & Solutions for transitioning to sustainable (bio)pharmaceutical manufacturing

CESPE is pleased to announce the second edition of the annual CESPE Conference on Thursday September 21, 2023.

Through insights from different stakeholders, this event aims to address and tackle the current challenges related to the transition into a more sustainable (bio)pharmaceutical industry.

  • What are the goals for the industry and which initiatives are being taken by the (bio)pharmaceutical companies?
  • Where are the current bottlenecks limiting innovation and how can we solve them?
  • Which tools are required to achieve ambitious goals?
  • What is the role of both academic and industrial partners?

The physical event in Ghent will provide you with many opportunities to network with our academic members, industrial partners and policy makers. Therefore, it is perfectly suited for senior scientists, industrial decision makers and policy makers active within the ecosystem.

Check out the program below and stay tuned for further details!

For further information on booths and sponsorships, feel free to contact Christoph Portier ( or Bram Bekaert (

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Aftermovie CESPE Conference – Manufacturing Innovations for a Sustainable (Bio)Pharmaceutical Industry

On September 15, we hosted our first conference on Manufacturing Innovations for a Sustainable (Bio)Pharmaceutical Industry. We were thrilled to have more than 120 participants from over 40 different companies, who were able to enjoy our diverse program with ample networking opportunities. If you couldn’t make it or would like to relive the day, have a look at our aftermovie to take in some of the innovative atmosphere we witnessed that day!

News Partnership day 2020

CESPE Industrial Partnering Day 2020

Did you miss any of the presentations during the CESPE Industrial Partnering Day 2020?
Review them here! Full stream available!


Rik Van de Walle, Ghent University, Rector
Sofie Bracke, City of Ghent, Alderman for Economy, Trade, Sport & Port

Introduction to CESPE

Introduction to CESPE (Wouter De Soete, CESPE Manager)

Keynote “Belgian Biotech: Evolution & Revolution”

Geoffrey Pot, Chairman of the Board, Takeda Site Head, VP Operations

Industry Testimonial: Janssen Pharmaceutica

Jan Van der Goten, Head of Strategic Campus Office, Janssen Pharmaceutica

Research and Innovation pitches

Prof. Chris Stevens, Microreactor Technology: One Flow, One Product
Prof. Thomas De Beer, Prof. Ingmar Nopens, The Future of Pharmaceutical Drug Product Manufacturing
Prof. Richard Hoogenboom, Poly(2-oxazoline)s as Novel Excipients for Oral Formulations
Prof. Ludwig Cardon, 3D Printing: An Innovative Manufacturing Method
Prof. Kevin Van Geem, Maarten Dobbelaere, Artificial Intelligence for Computer-Aided Synthesis in Flow
Prof. Joris Thybaut, Chemical Reactor Performance Assessment and Innovation by Modeling
Prof. Jo Dewulf, Sustainability Assessment in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Prof. Dieter Claeys, Jeroen De Maeyer, Industry 4.0 Operational Excellence for Pharma 4.0

Company pitches

Koen Dierckx, simAbs, CEO, Integrated Continuous Bioprocessing of Monoclonal Antibodies
Pieter-Jan Van Bockstal, RheaVita, Project Manager Technology, A Continuous Freeze-Drying Technology for Fast, Flexible and High Quality Manufacturing of Biopharmaceutical Products