Dr. Frank Deruyck


University College Ghent
Department of Chemistry
Valentin Vaerwyckweg 1
B-9000 Gent, Belgium

+32 478 49 15 40

I obtained a Ph.D. in Chemistry at UGent in 1988 and began an industrial career in Bekaert Technology Centre as R&D manager, process development engineer and finally global process owner wet drawing lubrication and steel cord – rubber adhesion; my main responsibility was leading Operation Excellence (OPEX) and product development projects. In this position I gained a wide experience in quality improvement tools, statistical data analysis & modelling and Design of Experiments. Achieving key process improvement projects goals I got qualified as ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt by American Society for Quality. After my industrial period, as independent consultant in R&D support and Design of Experiments, I was trainer Green Belt and Lean Six Sigma in pharma industry.

Actually at HOGENT for 10 years now, I am teaching TQM, Chemometrics, applied statistics and Industrial Chemistry. My mission is to put professional experience at the service of a next generation junior engineers and managers. I am also member of the HOGENT Centre of Applied Data Science platform that provides support in data processing to a variety of industrial service and R&D projects. In the JMP User Community I participate in instructive discussions about statistical data analysis and present case studies on discovery summits.

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