CESPE – Comate Hardware session

On Monday, June 1st, we had the pleasure of hosting a hardware session in collaboration with our partner, Comate. We were thrilled to have two inspiring speakers:

• Thomas De Beer, CEO of RheaVita, who has integrated all freeze-drying process steps into a continuous production line with a constant infeed of products and the concomitant outfeed of the dried product.

• Leander Van Neste, CEO of Axithra, who is developing a platform to quickly and accurately measure and monitor therapeutic drug concentrations in blood.

Both leaders shared valuable lessons learned and the challenges they’ve faced in their growth journeys. They addressed questions such as the TRL of the product at the moment of the spinoff, the major technological challenges to become GMP/IVD/MDR compliant, and the steps taken in terms of customer/problem/solution fit during the first year.

Their engaging presentations were followed by a lively Q&A session. The event concluded with an opportunity to network and digest the insights over drinks and bites.

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