Official Opening HighTru HTE Centre

We at CESPE were thrilled to attend the official opening of the HighTru Lab. This innovative facility marks a significant milestone as Belgium’s first academic lab capable of high-throughput experimentation (HTE), accelerating chemical and pharmaceutical discoveries.

HTE technology enables the simultaneous conduction and rapid analysis of numerous experiments, for example, by using 96-well plates. By leveraging miniaturization, automation, and advanced data management systems, HTE can efficiently screen vast amounts of chemical space. This approach facilitates the discovery of optimal conditions or novel reactions.

The state-of-the-art equipment of HighTru includes solid and liquid handling robots, a robotic reaction platform with integrated solid and liquid handling, several reaction platforms for high-pressure, photo-, and electrochemistry, a high-throughput UPLC-MS, and a software platform for HTE design, execution, and data analysis. This equipment operates under an open-access model, facilitating collaboration between industry and academia. This remarkable partnership, involving Ghent University, Johnson & Johnson, and the City of Ghent, with funding from the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility, will accelerate research and strengthen Ghent’s reputation as a hub for cutting-edge science.

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