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Lyophilization 101


Lyophilization 101 focusses on giving a thorough introduction about pharmaceutical freeze-drying in an interactive manner (both theoretical and hands-on).
Throughout this 2-day course, the trainee gets to understand the basic and fundamental aspects from start untill finished product.


Theoretical – day 1

During the first day of the course, the trainee will get an in-depth explanation about the basic freeze-drying principles such as:

Freeze-drying equipment
Heat and mass transfer mechanisms
Modelling of the freeze-drying cycle
Optimization of the process

Practical – day 1

Hands-on sessions will allow the trainee to get a feel with the freeze-drying process.
The hands-on session will cover:

Tour of the CESPE freeze-drying lab
Sample preparation and characterization
Starting your first run

Theoretical – day 2

During the second day, the focus will be put on PAT implementation and post-run analytics, allowing the trainee to deep-dive in the generated data.

Process analytical technologies (PAT)
Pre- and Post-run analytics
The future of freeze-drying: Continuous vs. Batch

Practical – day 2

Hands-on sessions during day 2 will mainly focus on the analysis of the performed run of practical day 1.
The hands-on session will cover:

Evaluation of the freeze-drying run
Water content determination
Sneak-peek at a continuous freeze-dryer


A detailed overview of the program can be found in the following document.

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