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Field of Expertise:
Continuous & controlled freeze drying

Field of Expertise:
Continuous & controlled freeze drying

RheaVita sells single vial (for R&D), non-GMP multi-vial (for scale-up and stability studies), and full GMP continuous freeze-drying systems.

Next to our engineered solutions we also offer freeze-drying related CDMO services. The freeze-drying of biopharmaceuticals, LNP-based formulations, ATMPs, and other small and large molecules, requires proper formulation and process optimization of the drug substance. Designing the optimal formulation based on the drug substance properties and characteristics is crucial. Furthermore, by applying a model-based strategy, RheaVita provides the opportunity to efficiently design and optimize your freeze-drying process in an extremely fast way with limited product consumption. 

Our manufacturing approach avoids scale-up issues, reduces cycle times, allows fast product development, reduces time-to-patient, lowers production costs, makes use of smaller manufacturing installations, requires less clean room space, provides improved quality assurance thanks to PAT (100% inspection with inherent potential for real-time-release) and leads to improved and uniform product quality and process uniformity.

RheaVita has also set up an academy to share knowledge on freeze-drying where our customers receive a fundamental insight into freeze-drying and analysis of the results and experience the benefits of continuous manufacturing technology.


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