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Field of Expertise:
Modelling, process control, identification, multi-objective process optimization, multivariable control

The Dynamical Systems and Control (DySC) group has research expertise on modelling and control of dynamical systems in several application fields from biomedical to industrial processes.

In the last years the group of Prof. Ionescu has focused on the application of fractional order control as an intermediate control strategy for industry and manufacturing processes, between basic control (such as PID type) and advanced control (such as MPC). Part of this scope is the industrial relevant implementations of MPC and multi-objective optimization algorithms as a function of changing operating context.

Furthermore, there is an ongoing ERC Consolidator grant focusing on the use of computer based constrained optimization of multi-drug infusion rates for anesthesia with strong effects on hemodynamics.

As current topics, the DySC group focusses on modelling and control of dynamical systems with application fields in:

  • Biomedical
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Mechanical

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