First UGent-CESPE spin-off: RheaVita (Continuous Freeze Drying)

RheaVita provides continuous freeze-drying technology for (bio)pharmaceutical unit doses resolving the issues and shortcomings related to traditional batch freeze-drying. Our technology integrates all freeze-drying process step unit operations in a continuous production line with the constant infeed of unit doses and the concomitant removal of the dried product. Our manufacturing approach avoids scale-up issues, reduces cycle times, reduces time-to-market, lowers production costs, makes use of smaller manufacturing installations, requires less clean room space and leads to improved and uniform product quality and process uniformity.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of ongoing projects of the CESPE research groups:

  1. IMODE: Innovative MulticOmponent Drug dEsign
    A collaborative research on multicomponent pharmaceutical products (co-amorphous and co-crystals) and medical devices loaded with bioactive molecules. IMODE is funded by the European Interreg 2 Seas programme and cofinanced by the European Fund for Regional Development (ERFD).
    • Project Type: Interreg 2 Seas
    • Project Partners: Université de Lille, imabiotech, eurasanté, Roquette, UCL, University of East Anglia, University of Greenwich, NHS, ICR2UL, Cubic Pharmaceuticals, Ghent University
    • 2016-2019
  2. Towards a better understanding of the link between molecular mechanisms and macroscopic effects in nanosuspension formulation
    • Project Type: Baekeland PhD mandate
    • Project Partners: Janssen Pharmaceutica, Ghent University
    • 2016-2019
  3. ATOM 2 – Development of a center of expertise and flow production installation for industrial processes in Flanders
    • Project Type: ICON
    • Project Partners: Ghent University, KULeuven, AGFA, Janssen Pharmaceutica, OmniChem, AVORE, 3M, UHasselt
  4. Sustainability Assessment of Pharmaceuticals: Coupling Environmental Life Cycle Assessment and Human Health Benefits
    • Project Type: Baekeland PhD mandate
    • Project Partners: Janssen Pharmaceutica, Ghent University
    • 2014-2018

Various contract research projects with e.g. Roche, Rocquette, Medelpharm, Janssen Pharmaceutica, Pfizer, GSK, etc.