Dr. Bram Bekaert

Cespe Project Manager, Operations

Ghent University
Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Pharmaceutical Engineering & Manufacturing
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Campus Heymans
Ottergemsesteenweg 460
B-9000 Gent, Belgium

+32 9 264 81 18

Bram Bekaert is Operational Manager at the Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Pharmaceutical Engineering and Manufacturing (CESPE). He will focus on technical support for the CESPE Innovation Accelerator & Incubator, attracting additional funding for the further development of the CESPE Innovation Accelerator & Incubator, and coordinating grant reporting to the Department of Economy Science and Innovation (EWI). Additionally, he will have a supporting role in attracting industrial partners for commercialisation of the CESPE Incubator and maintaining relationships with internal and external policymakers.

After obtaining his Master in Drug Development, Bram Bekaert continued his pharmaceutical career as a PhD researcher at the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology. His PhD research, in collaboration with Janssen Pharmaceutica (Belgium) and Fette Compacting Belgium, focused on improving process knowledge about continuous direct compression with a core focus on the feeding and blending unit. Additionally, he gained experience in material characterization, PAT implementation and hot melt granulation. Bram Bekaert obtained his PhD in 2021 and decided to remain at the faculty as a postdoctoral researcher where he continued his focus on continuous direct compression as part of the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Engineering.

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